Daily Hair Care

The Daily Hair Care line is a series of shampoos and masks available exclusively in the Biedronka store chain. They enable effective hair and scalp care on a daily basis. They help deal with specific problems of the strands: their drying, weakening, excessive loss and deterioration of their condition.

Thanks to regular use of Bioelixire Daily Hair Care products, hair becomes strong, thick, shiny, silky smooth and soft, without frizzing or static. With a high content of active ingredients, the shampoos and masks provide them with the right dose of active ingredients to improve their condition and appearance permanently.

Two-step care of hair and scalp with Daily Hair Care Bioelixire line

The cosmetics from the Daily Hair Care Bioelixire line were developed in such a way that the action of the shampoos and masks perfectly complement each other. They allow the hair and scalp to be effectively but gently cleansed of excess sebum, impurities, dirt, dead skin and residues of styling products, and then deeply nourished, moisturized and regenerated. The line consists of:

  • shampoo and mask with biotin – for thin, weak and fragile hair that needs strengthening and extra volume;
  • shampoo and mask with black seed – for hair with a tendency to fall out, damaged, weakened hair that needs intensive regeneration;
  • shampoo and mask with hyaluronic acid – for hair damaged after chemical treatments, rough, dull and dry hair that needs smoothing and deep hydration.

The formulas of the series’ shampoos are free of strong, irritating detergents and parabens, so they work gently and can be used even on sensitive scalps. The masks penetrate deep into the hair scales, supporting the hair from within and visibly improving its condition. Thanks to the content of emollients, they also form a protective layer on their surface, protecting them from excessive moisture loss and the effects of harmful external factors.

Natural active ingredients in Daily Hair Care Bioelixire cosmetics

One of the biggest advantages of the products in this series are the compositions based on natural active ingredients: among others, black seed, argan, prickly pear, sunflower, linseed and jojoba oils, hyaluronic acid, active collagen, caffeine, panthenol and silk. They are a very rich source of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and powerful antioxidants – in other words, all the micro- and macro-elements necessary to keep hair and scalp in excellent condition. All cosmetics from Bioelixire’s Daily Hair Care line are available in 300 ml packaging.