Dermozon is a line of innovative preparations that accelerate the regenerative processes of the skin. Thanks to the use of biologically active ozone and the addition of natural ingredients, they act quickly, effectively and intensively, relieving discomfort associated with irritation, wound healing, sores and skin problems. They support the body’s natural mechanisms of restoration after, among other things, epidermal trauma and cosmetic procedures that require a breach in its continuity. All the proposals in the series have been very thoroughly researched and developed in
cooperation with Dr. K. Klimas.

Preparations with ozone for everyone

The undoubted advantage of all products in the Dermozon line is their versatility. They can be used by both adults and the elderly, as well as children – each age has its own needs, and the preparations in this series are perfectly adapted to them. Their formula is gentle and safe even for sensitive skin. It has a rejuvenating effect, stimulates the body’s natural renewal processes and minimizes discomfort accompanying the healing of wounds, micro- and macro-injuries, as well as other skin problems.

Biologically active ozone

The most important active ingredient in the Dermozon series of products is biologically active ozone, a gas that is an allotropic variety of oxygen, naturally occurring in the earth’s atmosphere. In high concentrations it is toxic, but in the right dose it has aseptic, bactericidal and virucidal properties. When used in cosmetics in combination with unsaturated fatty acids, it forms compounds that deeply penetrate the skin, nourish it, oxygenate it and accelerate its regeneration. Thanks to it, nutrients can penetrate much deeper layers of the epidermis than with ordinary preparations.

Due to their antibacterial and deeply revitalizing and regenerating properties, products containing biologically active ozone are excellent for the treatment and care of irritated skin, and can also be used for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, burns, sores, scars and hard-to-heal abrasions and wounds, as well as acne and fungal infections. When applied to the scalp, they strengthen and oxygenate the hair follicles, stimulating their work, as well as prevent excessive hair loss and promote hair

Dermozon line on offer at Bioélixire

The Bioélixire brand has decided to include products from the Dermozon line in its offer to enable customers to provide comprehensive care for the scalp – and beyond. Taking care of hair should be part of a holistic approach to caring for the entire body, which also often requires support and regeneration. Preparations containing active ozone accelerate the natural regenerative processes occurring in the human body, have a rejuvenating effect and oxygenate the skin. They are extremely easy to apply and versatile, so it is worth reaching for them prophylactically – or when necessary to deal with a specific problem.