Essence of Nature

„Essence of Nature” is a series of vegan hair care products. They are designed to restore and maintain the natural PEH balance of the strands. Regular supply of the right dose of essential ingredients: proteins, emollients and humectants provides them with a beautiful and healthy appearance, great shine, silky smoothness and resistance to harmful external factors. Maintaining a balance between these three substances is the basis of conscious hair care.

Effectiveness from nature - a series of vegan cosmetics

The products in the ” Essence of Nature” series nourish and moisturize hair, strengthen it, promote its regeneration and improve its condition. They are all vegan, have not been tested on animals, and their composition is almost completely natural (95-98%). They are perfect for daily care of even very sensitive scalps, as they do not contain irritants or strong detergents. The fragrance formula is free of allergens.

The silicone-free formula of cosmetics from the ” Essence of Nature” series is based on extracts from plants and herbs, oils and plant proteins, whose beneficial effect on hair has been scientifically confirmed. The cosmetics are produced in accordance with the highest global standards of the cosmetic industry for the health and safety of users.

Take care of the PEH balance of your hair with the "Essence of Nature" series!

Each hair type has different needs, but regardless of porosity, condition and degree of damage, they all need the same ingredients – proteins, emitters and humectants, as well as vitamins, minerals and effective cleansing. The order and frequency of application of cosmetics from the “Essence of Nature” series can be changed at will – it is worth experimenting and testing different patterns of application to create a hair care routine perfectly suited to specific strands!