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The “Thick Hair” series created for the love of people.

Who are we?

Bioélixire is a Polish brand creating hair and skin care products based on natural active ingredients. We combine high quality with a modern approach to care, making it easier for our customers to take care of themselves consciously. Each product line has been developed for a different purpose – so you can choose cosmetics perfectly suited to your needs.

For whom do we create our products for?

It’s simple – for you! Regardless of what your hair looks like, whether it is long, short, straight curly or maybe wavy, and what condition your skin is in, in our offer you are sure to find products for you. The cosmetics we offer are completely safe even for very delicate and sensitive skin prone to allergies – they do not contain strong detergents (including SLS) or other irritants, such as parabens. They support its regeneration, brighten and firm it, strengthen the hair, supporting its reconstruction and providing it with the nutrients it needs most.

What distinguishes our cosmetics?

We focus on quality – all our cosmetics have been developed with the utmost care and thoroughly tested for safety. They meet the highest consumer health standards, are not tested on animals, and some lines are fully vegan. Bioélixire’s product formulas have been developed in collaboration with specialists: dermatologists, trichologists and pharmacists, and we are constantly improving them. We know very well how important are properly selected compositions of cosmetics you use every day. So we make sure they are the best possible.

Why Bioelixire products?


As a company working in harmony with nature, we have nothing to do with animal testing and we have received a positive recommendation from the Association of Cruelty-Free Cosmetics.


The majority of our products are 100% vegan. Both we and our raw material suppliers do not use animal ingredients during production.


We dispense with cardboard boxes for selected products. Our cosmetics packaging is recyclable and our oil bottles are made from recycled material.


Our products are manufactured to ISO 22716 standard, confirming that we follow Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics and adhere to the highest production standards.

Bring out the natural the beauty of your hair

Well-chosen care does not have to be difficult. Sometimes less is more – this is exactly how the active ingredients in Bioelixire cosmetics work. Check the porosity of your hair and use ready-made care plans or ask our expert for advice.

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