Conscious care is also a conscious approach to life – this premise is the basis of our philosophy. A beautiful appearance influences your mood, which is why taking care of your hair and body on a daily basis is so important. We want to make it easy for you to create the perfect multi-step skin care routine, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural active ingredients effortlessly.

What is most important to us?


carefully developed compositions – simple, based on natural active ingredients, free of irritating chemicals,

universality – a wide range of cosmetics for all types of hair and skin, responding to diverse problems, meeting the expectations of each user,

balance – the creation of a composition of ingredients to maintain a balance between beauty and health, saving time and money and high quality and well-being.


scientific approach – cooperation with specialists: dermatologists, trichologists, pharmacists, use of ingredients whose effects have been scientifically proven, consulting representatives of the medical, scientific and academic community,

safety – using only substances that are safe for health, non-irritating and do not cause allergic reactions, including fragrances free of allergens,

certificates – obtaining attestations and labels awarded by international and Polish associations and organizations, constant quality control at every stage of production, meeting rigorous norms and standards of the cosmetics industry.


cruelty free – products not tested on animals, which is confirmed by the certificate of the Association “Cruelty Free Cosmetics”,

biodegradable packaging – which is recyclable, so it does not have a negative impact on the environment,

vegan products – a wide range of cosmetics based exclusively on ingredients of plant origin, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, bearing the European Quality For Vegan label awarded by the international organization European Notification Center Ltd.

Bioélixire stands for high quality, natural ingredients, a conscious approach to care. We are constantly developing to make our products better and better – especially for you!