Bioélixire Professional

The Bioélixire Professional line of professional cosmetics is designed for daily hair care. It includes shampoos, conditioners and masks developed for specific problems of strands and scalp. Their formulas are based on natural active ingredients that provide the hair with vitamins, minerals and many other valuable nutrients necessary to rebuild, strengthen, moisturize and restore a great appearance. A carefully selected composition of emollients, humectants and proteins ensures that the hair maintains its PEH balance, so that it remains in excellent condition and is resistant to damage.

Two-step care for every hair type

The Bioélixire brand has made sure that the Professional line includes a wide selection of cosmetics suitable for every hair type. Depending on what active ingredients are included in the composition, it can be divided into five series:

  • regenerative (shampoo and mask with black seed),
  • moisturizing (shampoo and mask with argan oil, and hyaluronic acid),
  • strengthening (shampoo and mask with biotin),
  • vegan regenerative (shampoo and mask with marine algae and bio bamboo),
  • vegan moisturizing (shampoo and conditioner with baobab).

They will effectively but gently cleanse your hair and scalp of accumulated impurities, nourish, moisturize and strengthen it, and protect it from harmful external factors.

The power of nature - exceptional active ingredients

The effectiveness of products from the Bioélixire Professional line is due to natural active ingredients – some proposals contain as much as 99% of them! Each cosmetic is a mixture of substances that are a source of micro- and macroelements that improve the condition and appearance of strands and scalp. In the composition of shampoos, masks and conditioners you will find, among other ingredients:

  • strengthening and regenerating: biotin, argan oil, marine algae, silk,
  • nourishing: baobab and bio bamboo extract, linseed oil and sunflower oils,
  • moisturizing: hyaluronic acid, panthenol,
  • protective: sunflower, linseed, prickly pear, jojoba oils,
  • stimulating hair growth and inhibiting hair loss: black seed, caffeine, ginseng, active collagen.