Silicone oils

Bioélixire silicone oils are unique cosmetics that effectively protect hair from the harmful effects of external factors – weather, pollution, smog, exhaust fumes, high and low temperatures, as well as strong styling agents. They also take care of the optimal level of hydration of strands, not allowing excessive evaporation of water from their interior. They have a conditioning effect: they give hair a beautiful shine, silky smoothness and wonderful softness, while making it easy to comb and style.

They also prevent frizz and static, protect the ends from splitting. In addition, thanks to the content of natural active substances, they deeply nourish and strengthen the strands. They can become a perfect closure of daily care!

Reliable protection and deep nourishment

Silicone oils created on the basis of active ingredients of natural origin and silicones combine the nourishing power of nature with the reliability of synthetic protection. The lightweight, easily washable silicones are completely safe for hair, and do not overbuild or weigh them down. They form a protective film on the surface of the strands, which does not allow harmful chemicals to penetrate their structure, and also protects them from mechanical damage and water loss. They close the hair scales, increasing the resistance of the strands to damage, give them shine and smoothness. An effective UV filter protects hair from the penetration of UVA and UVB rays through the cortex, which could permanently damage it and cause color fading.

Bestselling silicone oils - keep your hair looking beautiful!

Bioélixire silicone oils are appreciated not only for their unique composition, but also for their ease of application. Just a few drops of the selected serum need to be smeared in the palms of yourhands, and then spread evenly over dry or damp hair. The cosmetics do not require rinsing. Their use gives an instant effect – your hair will become beautiful, shiny and loose in a few moments after using the serum! With the help of silicone oil you will easily achieve a stunning effect.