Bioélixire for Damaged Hair

The Bioélixire series for Damaged Hair is a line of cosmetics designed for comprehensive care of hair and scalp. The very high content of carefully selected ingredients with regenerating, moisturizing and strengthening properties allows to restore a beautiful and healthy appearance of the hair damaged as a result of frequent chemical treatments, exposure to bad weather conditions or improper heat styling. Bioélixire for Damaged Hair is a range of mild formula products suitable and safe for sensitive scalp. These cosmetics quickly and effectively restore damaged hair and replenish the shine, smoothness and softness. Create the multi-stage care routine that fully meets the needs of your hair! 

Multi-stage care for damaged hair with the Bioélixire brand

The collection includes three products that have complementary effects. By using them one by one you ensure intensive restoration, deep nutrition, strengthening, flexibility and amazing looks of your hair. The collection consists of:

  • Bioélixire shampoo for damaged hair – gently cleanses the hair and scalp, moisturizes, nourishes and supports rapid repair;
  • Bioélixire conditioner for damaged hair – very strong properties include repairing, moisturizing, strengthening, revitalizing and conditioning;
  • Bioélixire amino acid vitamin booster– applied directly to the hair and scalp or as an addition to the conditioner. It is based on a highly concentrated formula, accelerating the repair of the hair, strengthening it and preventing the excessive loss and breakage.

These three unique cosmetics provide your hair with complete care and cover all the necessary treatment stages, from cleansing to nourishing.

The unique active ingredients ensure natural repair process

Rebuilding the hair is possible if you provide it with the right nutrients. Bioélixire For Damaged Hair cosmetics contain carefully selected active ingredients of natural origin that pass through the structure of the hair and:

  • Rebuild the damaged structure by supplementing and filling any micro-cavities and strengthening the hair (this is how amino acids, plant proteins, creatin, biotin work),
  • Smoothen and seal the hair’s surface (his is how silk and Shea butter work)
  • Moisturize the hair intensively by absorbing the water around and binding its particles together. The active ingredients also have elasticizing properties (this is how hyaluronic acid and panthenol work)
  • Protect the hair from the external factors, excessive evaporation of moisture and mechanical damage (this is how jojoba oil and sunflower oil work),
  • Protect the hair’s cells against free radicals, oxidative stress and aging (this is how argan oil, grape seed oil and amla work).

In addition, the cosmetics from this range contain ingredients that improve the condition of the scalp and support its blood circulation – hence the hair bulbs are much better nourished. This, in turn, means that the hair is less prone to falling out, grows faster, is stronger and more resistant to damage.

Bring back the beauty of your hair with Bioélixire!

The Bioélixire range was developed with daily care of damaged hair in mind. The cosmetics fulfil all needs of a damaged hair. With regular use of all three products, you will quickly notice that the hair becomes much stronger, does not break, and the ends do not split. It is a simple way to restore their intense shine, smoothness and softness as well as perfectly moisturize and regenerate them. The hair will also become much easier to comb and style – forget about frizz and static!